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Common Issues That Detrimentally Impact the Periodontal Tissues of the Mouth

Periodontist Wichita, Kansas

There are several issues that have the unique capability of negatively impacting the overall health of the periodontal tissues within the mouth. Anatomically speaking, “periodontal” means “around the teeth” and refers to the tissue structures that aid in anchoring the teeth into the bone of the jaw. The structures of these tissues are made up… Read More…

Laser Periodontal Therapy – A Comprehensive Overview for Patients

Laser Periodontal Therapy Wichita

Laser periodontal therapy utilizes a specially-designed oral health care laser to reach and remove gum tissues that are inflamed and diseased from the root region of a tooth. Immediately after this process is complete, the dental professional moves on to the root scaling procedure. This task includes removing plaque and calculus that has accumulated around… Read More…

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