If you are in search of a procedure that will quickly and
effectively resolve the issue of upper and lower jaw
deformities, then ridge modification is for you!

Ridge Modification for Resolving Jaw Deformities to Improve Looks and Give a Solid Foundation for Dental Implants

Throughout the years of our practice we have received a large amount of questions, concerns, and consultations regarding irregularities of the jaw. In many instances, these issues stem from development problems. In other cases, they are a direct result of injury, illness, gum disease, or consistent wearing of dentures and similar dental devices.

If a deformity exists and a patient loses a tooth or requires a replacement, the area often lacks the bone that is required for the integration of a dental implant. This is where ridge modification comes into play. This process aids in treating jaw irregularities and makes for a solid base for integrating implants.

The ridge modification procedure is performed by lifting the gum tissue from the impacted region. This aids in exposing any type of defect that is present within the bone. If such a defect is discovered, the dental professional will be able to utilize filler or a graft base to fill or regenerate that area.

While ridge modification is exceptionally easy, it is often considered to be a costly and time-consuming procedure, which could result in several months of recovery.

Once the healing process is complete, a dental implant may typically be placed within the mouth. In some instances, it may even be done during the recovery process.

This is a wonderfully advanced and innovative procedure that optimizes the physical appearance of the person and the mouth, optimizes the overall functionality of the mouth, and helps to provide a solid foundation in which implants may be utilized.


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