The dental endoscope utilized in our office is the DeVA-1 2G by OraVu.

Implant & Perio Center of Kansas provides the latest visualization technology for non-surgical treatment of periodontal disease.

Visualization is achieved with a dental endoscope, or camera, that allows the dental hygienist to see deep into the periodontal pocket without the need for surgical flap procedures or incisions into the gums.

The dental endoscope aids the hygienist while performing tissue and root therapy (TRT), also known as scaling and root planing (SRP), or deep cleaning. The ultimate goal of TRT or SRP is to remove as much plaque, tartar, and bacteria from the root surfaces to allow the gums to reattach, reducing the periodontal pockets.

Traditional TRT or SRP is a blind procedure with no view into the periodontal pocket being treated. This can result in as much as 40% of calculus or harmful deposits being left behind. Now, using this endoscope technology, the hygienist can effectively and accurately treat periodontal disease with vision into the periodontal pockets.

The dental endoscope utilized in our office is the DeVA-1 2G by OraVu. The DeVa-1 2G endoscope is a micro-camera that fits below the gum line, capturing an image deep into the periodontal pocket. The DeVA-1 delivers state of the art High-Definition images using hundreds of illuminating fibers. It provides a live, clear image up to 100x magnification of the periodontal pocket and root surfaces.

Using the DeVA-1 2G endoscope, we have seen great success and patient satisfaction in treatment of periodontal disease. It gives the patient a great alternative to costly and invasive surgical procedures or to those who want a more effective treatment over “blind” scaling. Implant & Perio Center of Kansas is committed to providing our patients with the highest quality of care and are pleased to provide you with state-of-the-art visualization technology in periodontal treatment.

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