There are several instances in which a tooth and the root of that tooth become damaged and a replacement becomes necessary.

According to dental professionals, one of the best solutions is utilizing a dental implant with a ceramic-based crown.

The concluding result is a replacement in the mouth that looks, feels, and functions in much the same way as a natural tooth.

One of the best features of this combination is that the implant is actually a single unit. This means that, once the implant is installed, it will exhibit a high level of functionality on an immediate basis.

This unit results in a quick treatment, minimal discomfort, and instant satisfaction.

Best of all, the appearance of the tooth looks natural and you will have a solution in place that exhibits the highest level of longevity.

The Step-By-Step Treatment Plan

Installing the New Tooth – Step-By-Step

There are several different methods available, in terms of treatment for a single tooth replacement. Below, we will provide a step-by-step treatment plan for one of those options.

Naturally, it is advised that you consult with a periodontist to determine the best course of action for your oral health needs and unique condition.

1. Prior to the Procedure

The dental professional will initiate the process with a thorough dental examination.

Additionally, x-rays will be taken of the area to be treated to ensure that the proper preparations are taken to achieve success in the placement of the ceramic dental implant.

2: Implant Installation

At the onset of the treatment process, many patients are provided with a temporary tooth.

The purpose and intent of this tooth is to ensure that the patient will have a fully functional device in place to ensure the ability to chew and communicate effectively.

3: Ensuring Proper Attachment

Once the ceramic dental implant is in place, it is permanent. The dentist will evaluate the treatment to ensure proper attachment and to make certain no other complications are arising.

Once it has been determined that the implant has taken for the single tooth replacement, the treatment will be complete.

4: Final Result

Once treatments have ceased, the implant should resemble and act like your natural tooth.

At this point, you should continue your normal dental hygiene regimen. This will aid in ensuring that the implant remains stable and that your oral health is optimized.


Fixed Bridge, Complete
with Tooth Support

If it is found that a ceramic dental implant is not the best option for your needs, a fixed bridge, complete with tooth support may be the best option.

This is a traditional type of dental bridge that requires all adjacent teeth within the mouth to be grinded in order to accommodate the structure. There are a couple of issues that may make this option less-than-favorable, though.

First, the bone will continuously go through a resorption process. Second, the healthy teeth surrounded the bridge may experience complications as a result of the accommodation of the structure.

However, this is a solid solution that provides a beautiful alternative to a natural tooth and is exceptionally easy to install.

Partial Denture

A partial denture is a common and inexpensive alternative to a ceramic dental implant.

Unfortunately, this is not a permanent solution. Additionally, it lacks the stability that most desire. This alternative is composed of only plastic.

The benefits of this alternative are that it may be easily placed in the mouth, does not cost very much, and the other teeth in the mouth are not detrimentally impacted.

Unfortunately, many find that – in the long run – it is better to opt for something that has a higher level of stability and functionality.

Dental Bridge

The final alternative to a ceramic dental implant is the resin-bonded dental bridge. This may be placed in the mouth quickly and easily.

It is composed of ceramic, so, it is considered to be stable and looks similar to the natural tooth. As time progresses, the bridge will work its way out.

On average, these bridges only last two to three years. Once this happens, the treatment process will have to be initiated, once again.

This is not a permanent solution, but is considered to be a viable temporary solution when it comes to single tooth replacement.

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