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Bone Grafting - The Basics

According to professionals, the leading cause of the devastation of bone loss within the oral cavity is periodontal disease; however, other complications such as improperly fitting dentures and trauma to the facial region may also be to blame.

Regardless of the causes behind bone loss, the procedure that rectifies the situation is bone grafting.

This highly versatile and comprehensive procedure aids in completely replacing deteriorated bone tissue. Additionally, it helps in encouraging natural regrowth of the bone in the oral cavities.

Dental Implants & Bone Grafting

Missing teeth are not only an embarrassment, but they also detrimentally impact the overall functionality of the mouth.

One of the most positive and productive methods for restoring aesthetics and functionality to the mouth is the implementation of dental implants.

We currently offer this periodontal service to patients. If you have a desire to improve your appearance, regain your confidence, and optimize the functionality of a full bite, dental implants are the way to go!

Our research has found that dental implants are one of the safest and highly effective methods to restoring missing teeth. However, certain criteria must be met in order to ensure the success of the procedure.

The most important of this criterion is the presence of sufficient bone density within the jaw. This allows the anchorage of the dental implants.

In many instances, bone density is too low to proceed with implants. If this is the case, bone grafting is performed. This aids in creating a highly stable base for the anchorage of the dental implants.

It also aids in ensuring that gum disease does not progress within the mouth and aids in restoring the natural beauty of the smile.

In terms of implant-based reconstruction, bone grafting is now considered to be an essential component of the procedure.

We often find that the site for an implant lacks the necessary amount of bone that is needed to properly accommodate the root of the implant form – which requires an appropriate size situated in the appropriate location.

In most instances, this stems from resorption of the bone that has occurred as a result of the missing teeth in the mouth. Bone grafting aids in recreating a necessary bone dimension for the implants.

If you have missing teeth, Dr. Marq J. Sams will likely recommend undergoing a comprehensive bone grafting procedure. This is especially true if the underlying bone density has been detrimentally impacted as a result of periodontal disease.

The procedure, along with the utilization of proteins that aid in tissue stimulation, will help the body to naturally regenerate both the bone and the tissue that is required for proper placement of the dental implants.

The Periodontist and the Bone Grafting Procedure

Many situations call for the bone grafting procedure. These include the correction of defects within the bone, resorption due to gum disease, and the preservation of the bone immediately after the extraction of a tooth.

Additionally, the bone density may need to be improved for the proper placement of the implants for the mouth. In order to succeed in the bone graft for implants, you should opt for a periodontist professional.

This type of dental professional has completed dental school, and succeeded in several additional years of schooling. Their goal, their mission, and their job is to save teeth and ensure optimal oral health.

In terms of areas of expertise, the mouth and all supporting structures are known by the periodontist. Additionally, these professionals place a special emphasis on the jaw, the gums, the bone, and the tissues surrounding these structures. Opting for a periodontist is opting for perfection.

Questions About Bone Grafting

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