Why lengthen your crown?


It is commonplace in our practice to meet with patients that feel as if there are complications with their teeth and gums. For example, many feel as if their teeth are simply too short while others feel as if their gums are exceptionally noticeable.

If you feel as if you have a smile that is too “gummy” or would appreciate the beauty and appeal of longer teeth, crown lengthening may be the ideal option for your needs.

In short, crown lengthening is the process that aids in removing excess amounts of gum tissue from around the teeth. The gum tissue and the bone near that tissue is reshaped so that a larger amount of the tooth is shown. This procedure is also performed with those that are in the market for cosmetic corrections and/or mouth restorations.

One of the best things about this procedure is that it may be performed on only one tooth. In many instances, it is an appropriate choice for the entire gum line.

Those that elect to have this procedure performed are always pleased with the way that it changes and enhances their smile.


There are several issues that could result in crown lengthening being an ideal choice.

The following outlines the most common:

1. The Restoration of Teeth That Have Become Damaged

As we progress in life, we may run into a large number of obstacles that result in damage to the teeth.

Examples of these issues may include the development of cavities, soft enamel as a result of certain foods and beverages, dental caries, injury, side effects of certain medications, and even the development of periodontal disease.

The damaged teeth may become broken, chipped, or discolored. If they become broken underneath the gum tissue, crown lengthening may be utilized in order to repair and restore the natural tooth.

2. The Installation of a Dental Crown

When a new dental crown is placed within the mouth, it could result in damage to the surrounding bone and the gum tissue. A space is often needed in between the new crown and the bone of the jaw.

This prevents damage from occurring. Crown lengthening is often the process by which this space is placed.

3. Cosmetic Complications

The next issue where a crown lengthening may be used is in cases where cosmetic issues are present. Excess gum tissue has the ability to make a smile seem unbalanced and unhealthy.

By eliminating this additional tissue, it is possible to obtain a gorgeous, healthy smile. In turn, this increases the overall confidence of the person that carries that smile.

There are several unique benefits associated with crown lengthening. This is an easy procedure that has a high level of versatility.

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