Halt tissue destruction and bone loss with soft tissue grafting.

Soft Tissue Grafting for Gum Recession

Many individuals suffer from marginal tissue recession. Essentially, this is the recession of the gum tissue.

There are several reasons why this issue may develop. The most common include inflammation of the gingival tissue, thinning periodontal tissue, malposition of the teeth, dehiscence of the bone, improper brushing, and aberrant frenulum.

In severe cases of gum recession, the roots of the teeth may become exposed. When this occurs, decay may be more prevalent, discomfort may be experienced when eating and drinking, and the beauty of the smile is detrimentally impacted.

Soft tissue grafting aids in covering the roots that are exposed and/or thickening up the gum tissue.

Benefits of Soft Tissue Grafting

Soft tissue grafting is considered to be a highly versatile procedure that results in numerous benefits.

When periodontal disease invades the mouth, it quickly destroys all of the soft tissue, therein. Soft tissue grafting aids in halting tissue destruction and the loss of the bone within the mouth.

As mentioned previously, those that have exposed roots may experience pain and discomfort – especially when eating and drinking. Soft tissue grafting helps to eliminate pain and discomfort by covering the root and decreasing the amount of sensitivity that occurs.

Those that suffer from gum recession may experience complications in the appearance of their smile. Their teeth may look too long or may even appear to be uneven. Soft tissue grafting helps to correct these issues by augmenting the gum region and optimizing the symmetry of the smile.


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