Safety Precautions for Patients During the COVID-19 Crisis

COVID-19 patient screening and temperature

  • Every patient that enters our practice is screened for symptoms and elevated temperature before they enter the clinical area. If they are at risk, they are asked to leave and the area is disinfected.

Limiting number of patients we see and respecting the 6 ft rule in reception area

  • We have limited the seating in the reception area and are only allowing the patient scheduled to enter the building.


  • We take handwashing very seriously. We ask that ALL patients wash their hands before entering the clinical area and we will in turn wash our hands in front of them!

Hourly disinfection of doorknobs and commonly touched surfaces

  • Our team wipes down everything that has been in contact with a patient and hourly goes through the office disinfecting door handles and other commonly touched surfaces

Sneeze guards to protect against aerosol from team and from patients

  • We have incorporated a sneeze guard to act as a barrier to prevent the spread of airborne aerosol.

Personal Protective Equipment

  • For each surgery patient we have the latest in surgical masks, face shields, eye protection, and gowns
  • For examinations and visits that will not create an aerosol we incorporate the same protections without the need for a face shield and gown.

Air quality management by Medify Medical Grade H13 True HEPA Air Purifier

  • These are medical grade filters like those used in a medical setting. Filters 99.97% of airborne particles to 0.1 microns.
  • Pre-filter captures large particles/ Activated Carbon filter to capture odors.

Whole Office HVAC Air disinfection with iWave-R

  • With technology installed in over 100,000 applications, iWave-R
    is the world’s first self-cleaning, no maintenance needlepoint bi- polar ionization generator designed specifically for treating air in duct A/C systems.As the air flows past the iWave-R, positive and negative ions actively purify the supply air, killing mold, bacteria and viruses in the coil and living space.The ionization process also reduces allergens, smoke and static electricity, as well as controlling odors (cooking, pet, VOCs) and other particles (no more sunbeams) in the air without creating ozone or any harmful byproducts

Latest Advances in Disinfection and Sterilization of instruments

  • We have always insured our patient’s safety by only using FDA and CDC approved disinfectants to clean all rooms and worksurfaces. All instruments are heat sterilized to ensure your safety.

My patient’s and my team’s safety are my number one concern. We will get through this together! Thank you for choosing our office!

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