3 Things You Need to Know About Bone Grafting

If you have one or more missing teeth, you may need to undergo a bone grafting procedure.

When a tooth becomes dislodged from the mouth, the gum initiates the process of covering that empty space. As time progresses, the jaw bone around the hole starts to thin because there is no tooth to support. This change is referred to as “atrophy”.

In years past, individuals that suffered from the thinning of their jawbone could not have this issue corrected through dental implants. This was due to the fact that the thinned bone did not provide the necessary support for the dental implants. Bone grafting now makes this possible!

Bone grafting will stimulate the growth of bone in the area of the missing tooth/teeth so that there is a proper level of support for the placement of dental implants. These implants will aid in the restoration of functionality and drastically improve the aesthetics of the mouth.

In this guide, you will learn 3 important facts about bone grafting in preparation for the placement of dental implants.

Fact #1: Bone Grafting Allows for the Replacement and/or Regrowth of Bone

When the bone structure of the mouth becomes compromised, bone grafting offers a productive solution. The bone that is utilized for the procedure may be obtained from various areas of your body, such as the jaw bone, the hip bone, or the tibia bone. In many instances, the bone may be obtained from a specially-designed tissue bank that houses bone donations.

Additionally, many periodontists may utilize special types of membranes underneath the gum region. As time progresses, these membranes dissolve and protect the bone that has been placed in the gum. This process is professionally referred to as “guided bone regeneration”.

Furthermore, when a bone graft is performed, many professionals will take components from the blood in your body to help encourage the formation of the bone in the area. The fact that bone grafting allows for the replacement and/or the regrowth of bone in the missing tooth/teeth region makes it an ideal solution for those that are seeking to permanently restore functionality and optimize the appearance of their smile.

Fact #2: Bone Grafts May Be Used to Increase the Height and Width of the Jaw Bone

When the jaw bone starts to thin due to the fact that a tooth is missing, it often detrimentally impacts both the height and the width of the bone. In this instance, a ridge expansion will be required and may be successfully performed with a bone graft.

The ridge of this particular bone will be expanded in a mechanical manner. Once this is done, the gap that is left by the procedure will then be completely filled with a special material.

Immediately after the procedure, you will need – at least – a few months to completely heal from the procedure. Immediately thereafter, your dental team at Implant & Perio Centers of Kansas will be able to place your new dental implants.

Fact #3: Bone Grafting is Major Surgery

While the bone grafting procedure is relatively simple, the Implant & Perio Centers of Kansas feel it is imperative for you to understand that it is considered major surgery. It is performed in a modern and technologically-advanced facility. You will need to be on sedation through an IV or under general anesthesia for the success of this procedure. Your activity should be limited for approximately a week, thereafter.

The Implant & Perio Centers of Kansas will be standing by to assist you, answer questions, and/or address any and all concerns before, during, and after the bone grafting procedure is performed.


Based on information derived from dental professionals, bone loss commonly occurs in the mouth as a result of periodontal disease and/or cavities. Additionally, complications with the way that dentures fit and even types of trauma to the face region may result in bone loss. In order to resolve the issue, bone grafting is an absolute must.

Our team at Implant & Perio Centers of Kansas are highly trained to rectify all missing bone issues.

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