Digital X-Rays

Get an Appropriate Dental Diagnosis by Visiting a Practitioner That Uses Digital X-Rays

Digital Dental Xrays

Over the course of the past decade, dental technology has experienced massive advancements thanks to the development of digital radiography. While film-based x-rays were beneficial throughout the past 125+ years that they have been in use, they have resulted in many oral health conditions being misdiagnosed. If you care about your dental health – and,… Read More…

Types of Digital X-rays Used in Dentistry

In today’s world of ever-evolving technology, dental practices are starting to use digital X-rays on a regular basis. The digital radiography technique produces highly enhanced images of the teeth, the gums, and other structures in and around the mouth. The digital X-rays are obtained in three different ways. These are direct, indirect, and semi-indirect. Direct… Read More…

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