Get an Appropriate Dental Diagnosis by Visiting a Practitioner That Uses Digital X-Rays

Digital Dental Xrays

Over the course of the past decade, dental technology has experienced massive advancements thanks to the development of digital radiography. While film-based x-rays were beneficial throughout the past 125+ years that they have been in use, they have resulted in many oral health conditions being misdiagnosed.

If you care about your dental health – and, we know that you do – you should opt for a dental practitioner that utilizes digital x-rays. Not only are these safer, they offer higher levels of convenience and are able to successfully able to diagnose a multitude of dental issues with ease.

 How Are Digital X-Rays Taken?

When a dental practitioner uses digital x-rays to obtain images of your mouth and the surrounding features, they will insert a specially-designed sensor into your mouth. This sensor is electronic-based and is directly connected to a computer.

Immediately, images are captured by the sensor. The images will be transferred to the screen of the computer that it is attached to. This allows the dental practitioner to immediately view the images of your mouth x-rays.

The Advantages

By opting to use a dental provider that uses digital x-rays, you will benefit in many ways. The following outlines the advantages of digital x-rays over those of traditional dental x-rays:

  1. Perhaps the single most important benefit associated with digital x-rays is the fact that you will be exposed to less radiation than you would be exposed to if you were to have traditional film-based x-rays done. In fact, you will be exposed to up to 90% LESS radiation, overall! This is very important as high levels of radiation could result in numerous health-related issues.
  2. The next benefit of digital dental x-rays is the fact that all of the images that are taken with the electronic sensor produce are sharper and higher in quality. This means that you have a less of a chance of being misdiagnosed by your dentist because there is absolutely no question about what the practitioner sees.
  3. When you go to a dentist that uses digital x-rays, you will find that the amount of time that you spend in the dental office is significantly less than you would spend if you were getting traditional film-based x-rays done. This is because the sensor takes the pictures and instantly transfers them to the computer. You no longer have to wait until the film is developed that was used to take pictures.

Get the Right Diagnosis

If you want to be appropriately diagnosed by your dentist, it is critical that you only opt for a provider that provides digital x-rays from a periodontist in Wichita. We offer this and more.

If you are ready to take charge of your dental health, have a desire to achieve your very best smile, and want to enjoy optimal general health, we can help you with this endeavor. Simply call us today to learn more and/or to set up an appointment: 706-837-0123

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