Dental Implants

Ridge Modification a Productive Treatment for Individuals Suffering from Jaw Deformities That Require Dental Implants

According to dentistry specialists, deformities within the jaw are a common occurrence. These may range from mild issues to severe complications, such as those that are associated with severe birth defects. Depending on the issue that you are experiencing, you may experience issues with speaking, breathing, chewing, and swallowing. Due to these complications, many choose… Read More…

A Beautiful Smile Results in an Instant Boost to Self-Confidence and Esteem

Benefits of a Beautiful Smile

Donning a beautiful, dazzling white smile not only displays the overall health of your teeth and gums, but, it also has the capability of playing a highly significant role in your overall self-confidence and esteem. If you have ever experienced the devastation of tooth discoloration, tooth breakage, or the presence of an evident cavity, you… Read More…

Periodontal Therapy Treatments That Aid in Restoring Health to the Tissues That Provide Support to the Teeth

Periodontist Wichita, Kansas

Periodontal therapy aids in the task of restoring health to the tissues that help to support the teeth. While the procedures vary, the goal of each is to restore tissues that are diseased. When the tissues develop disease, this can spread to the bone that helps to provide a strong support system for the teeth…. Read More…

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