7 Conditions of the Mouth That Everyone Should Know About

According to professionals, there are several conditions that may detrimentally impact your oral health. It is a known fact that the mouth is considered to be one of the most critical components of your body.

A problem that affects this region of the body can result in difficulties in eating, drinking, speaking, and even smiling. Additionally, negative conditions in the mouth have the potential to create other complications in other regions of the body.

In this brief oral health guide, you will learn about 7 conditions of the mouth that absolutely EVERYONE should become familiar with.

Condition #1: Bad Breath

According to research, the development of bad breath occurs when bacteria produces waste within the mouth, the nose, or the stomach and that waste comes in direct contact with air. Medically termed “halitosis”, this condition affects all individuals of all ages.

This issue is considered severe when accompanied by the symptoms of colored bumps on the tongue, mucus that is discolored, and blotches.

Condition #2: Burning Mouth Syndrome

This issue is extremely painful and chronic for the sufferer. It is characterized by immensely uncomfortable burning sensations throughout the mouth, in the throat, and on the gums.

The true cause of the issue is actually unknown; however, most believe it stems from oral conditions and systemic conditions.

Examples include nutritional deficiencies, diabetes, dry mouth, and thrush of the oral cavity.

Condition #3: Cancer of the Oral Cavity

Each year, approximately 28,000 people are diagnosed with mouth cancer. At least 7,000 of these cases are fatal.

This type of cancer may affect the lips, the mouth region, the tongue, the gums, the throat, as well as the salivary glands. Symptoms often go unnoticed until the cancer has progressed.

Common signs include pain in the mouth, sores, sore throat, ear pain, and unexplained bleeding. An oral cancer screening is necessary for a diagnosis.

Condition #4: Canker Sores

Canker sores, which are medically identified as “aphthous ulcers” are an extremely common condition affecting the mouth.

These may occur on the inside area of the cheeks, the tongue, the gums, and on the soft palate; however, they are most common on the lips and soft tissues in the mouth.

It has been established that canker sores are not viral in nature, nor are they infectious; however, the exact cause is unknown. Common triggers include stress, deficiencies with the immune system, and illness.

Condition #5: Dry Mouth Syndrome

Known by medical professionals as “xerostomia”, this syndrome occurs when there is a significant decrease of saliva in the mouth. In some instances, the issue is temporary. In others, it is a chronic issue.

Common culprits of the development of this mouth condition include taking certain medications, anxiety, emotional stress, and suffering from medical conditions, such as diabetes.

Condition #6: Herpes

Oral herpes is extremely common. It results in a sore on the lips or the skin next to the lips, and it stems from the herpes simplex type 1 virus.

Once this is contracted, it remains in the body in a latent form. This is an infectious virus. Common triggers include various types of stress, fever, exposure to certain irritants, and immunosuppression.

Condition #7: Thrush

Oral thrush is a fungal-based infection that occurs in the mouth. Though it may detrimentally impact anyone, it is more common among infants, people that have issues with their immune system, and those that wear dentures.

It happens when the natural yeast in the mouth grows in excess. This yeast is called “candida albicans”.

Dry mouth, diabetes, using inhalers, and consuming antibiotics are common culprits behind the overgrowth of the yeast that results in the development of this mouth condition.

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