Common Issues That Detrimentally Impact the Periodontal Tissues of the Mouth

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There are several issues that have the unique capability of negatively impacting the overall health of the periodontal tissues within the mouth. Anatomically speaking, “periodontal” means “around the teeth” and refers to the tissue structures that aid in anchoring the teeth into the bone of the jaw.

The structures of these tissues are made up of four different connected elements. These include the root surface of the teeth, where the gums meet the teeth, the ligament that covers the root of the tooth, as well as the bone that surrounds and encapsulates the teeth.

These tissues help to form a protective covering for the interior of the body and the outside of the mouth. Continue reading about the issues that may detrimentally impact the health of these tissues.

Excess Gums

One of the issues that may affect the periodontal tissue is excess gums. This occurs when a tooth is covered too much by gum tissue.

Gum Recession

When the root surfaces of the teeth are visible due to the stripping away of gum tissue, this is referred to as “gum recession”. There are many underlying causes of this condition; however, it is commonly a result of infections in the gums and/or trauma experienced from brushing the teeth.

Irregular Contouring of the Gums

In some instances, the gums become uneven or are misshapen. When this happens, infections may develop due to the inability to keep the teeth and the areas around the teeth clean. Additionally, unusual contours may negatively impact the general appearance of the smile.

Mouth Ulcers

Open sores may develop in and/or around the interior region of the oral cavity. These are called “mouth ulcers”. Individuals that experience these ulcers often suffer from immense levels of pain and are limited as to what they are able to eat and drink. While natural healing is possible, many must have assistance in overcoming mouth ulcers.

Pigmented Gums

Many people may discover that the periodontal tissues in the mouth become discolored. Often, the color that develops is a shade of brown. This is referred to as “pigmented gums”. The discoloration makes the smile appear darker and unhealthy.

Treatment Options for Periodontal Tissue Complications

In most instances, non-surgical treatment options will help to correct periodontal tissue issues. For those that must turn to periodontal root therapy in Wichita, all tissue must be free of infection and optimal health – given the situation – must be obtained.

If you receive this treatment, it will start with a thorough mouth cleaning. All foreign substances are removed from the teeth, and just below the gum. You may also be required to have an irrigation performed that will aid in eliminating bacteria and other detrimental types of natural debris.

If you are ready for periodontal root therapy – maybe to correct a gum issue or simply to enhance the overall appearance of your smile – contact us today for more information on this process by clicking the following link:

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