Dentist’s Inexperience and Your Oral Health – A Risky Combination That Could Result in Many Dental Complications

Dentist Doing Dental Procedure

Dental health issues and the versatility of the treatments available to treat those problems have increased dramatically in the past few years. This stems from advancements in the dental field, expanding knowledge, and technological advancements.

Just as the dental problems and treatments have increased, the complications have also increased – especially when those issues are handled by a dentist that lacks experience.

While it is true that all dental practitioners must start somewhere in order to gain the experience to become successful, it is advised that the starting point not be your own mouth. Continue reading to learn about a few of the complications that may arise from inexperienced dentists.

Risk #1: Misdiagnosis of the Dental Condition

Inexperienced dentists are not yet able to successfully identify all dental conditions. If this happens, the incorrect treatment for the issue may be prescribed, treatment may be delayed, or no treatment option may be offered at all.

As dentists work more with patients, they will develop an eye for certain dental conditions. Over time, it will become easier to issue a proper diagnosis and provide you with a precise dental treatment plan.

However, if there is a misdiagnosis of the dental condition in which you suffer, the issue may become more severe. This could result in higher levels of discomfort, delayed treatments, and the worsening of the dental condition.

Risk #2: Infections Due to Improperly Cleaned and Maintained Dental Equipment

Dentists that lack experience may fail to properly maintain and clean dental equipment. As a result, infections may develop in patients.

All instruments must undergo a sterilization process that will destroy various types of microorganisms. These include viruses, bacteria, and fungi. Not only does this help in preventing the onset of infections, but it also helps to reduce the possibility that diseases may transmit from one patient to another.

Experienced dental professionals know and understand the processes for maintaining and cleaning all dental equipment utilized during procedures.

Risk #3: Mistakes During Procedures

Most inexperienced dentists are students. Before practicing on patients, they do have to display a high aptitude. However, mistakes may still be made during procedures.

These may include extracting the wrong teeth, negligent administration of anesthesia, and problems doing root canals properly. It can be very difficult to reverse mistakes that are done during procedures.


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