Full Arch Replacements: A Great Solution for Multiple Missing, Unsightly, or Unhealthy Teeth

In today’s world of periodontics, there are several different fixed prostheses options that are designed to replace missing teeth and/or unhealthy or unsightly teeth. Advancements in implantology and the field of adhesive-based dentistry have drastically increased the amount of dentistry options available for patients suffering from severe oral health complications.

Examples of the fixed options that may be chosen from include the bridge that is bonded by resin, a conventional mouth bridge, and an implant. These choices also include a collaboration of two or more of these options.

A popular choice includes a fixed bridge that is directly anchored onto previously placed dental implants, or the induction of dental implants into the mouth, followed by the immediate anchorage of a fixed bridge.

This unique collaboration provides a permanent, highly-esthetic solution to those that want to optimize the appearance of their smile and improve their oral health. Here at Dental Implants & Periodontics in Wichita, Kansas, we specialize in full arch replacements.

The Fixed Full Arch Implant with a Bridge

Full arch replacements consist of a full-arch implant that is fixed permanently within the mouth. This whole implant typically consists from as little as four to as many as eight distinct implants. These distinct implants are placed on one or more dental bridges.

If you are familiar with the all-on-4 implants, you can easily grasp the concept of the full arch replacements outlined here. Essentially, it is a more stable – yet, flexible – all-on-4 unit; however, unlike the all-on-4 unit, if you experience the loss of an implant, the dental bridge will remain in place and experience no complications.

One of the features that patients find especially exciting and intriguing is the fact that the full arch replacement is typically composed of porcelain. Not only does this mean that the arch has a high level of stability and durability, but it is more visually appealing than other options designed for those with missing, unhealthy, and/or unsightly teeth.

Procedure Outline

If you have missing, unhealthy, and/or unsightly teeth, a full arch replacement may be the optimal choice for replacing those structures in your mouth. This procedure will allow you the ability to chew better, communicate more effectively, and will provide you with the confidence that you need to pursue all that you desire in life.

To better understand the procedure, we have outlined the steps that are commonly engaged in when receiving a dental bridge below:

  1. The periodontist will work closely with you to determine what type of bridge is best suited for your needs. This is mainly to determine if a full arch replacement is the right option for the dental issues occurring in the mouth.
  2. Once it has been determined that a full arch replacement is appropriate for your needs, you will engage in a multi-step process that involves multiple dental visits. Once the procedure starts, you will be issued a local anesthetic in order to desensitize the soft tissue in the mouth for the purpose and intent of reshaping, regenerating, and filling down.
  3. Immediately after the reshaping process, an impression will be made of the teeth to be replaced, as well as any teeth that will remain within the mouth. This will then be utilized to create a custom bridge for your mouth.
  4. Immediately after the impression is taken, you will be provided with a temporary bridge. This aids in filling the open space in the mouth until the permanent bridge is placed.
  5. When the bridge arrives, it will be placed within the mouth. The periodontist will ensure that it does not interfere with the alignment of your bite. Once the determination has been made that it is a good fit, it will be placed in the mouth.

Full Arch Replacements

Are you tired of suffering from the effects of missing, unhealthy, and/or unsightly teeth? Let us help! We specialize in removable and anchored full arch replacements. Our team of professionals not only specializes in tooth replacement, bridges, and other types of arch support, but we care about improving your smile and your life!

If you have an interest in experiencing the benefits of full arch replacements, our team is ready to serve you! In addition to this, we also offer hygiene services, non-surgical periodontal treatments, cleanings, and more! Simply call us today for an appointment: 316-683-2525

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