Helping Your Child with Dental Anxiety

Helping Your Child with Dental Anxiety

Dental anxiety – especially among children – is becoming increasingly prevalent. As a result, it is ranking higher as a concern of public health as this level of anxiety could cause the underusage of dental services offered. This, in turn, leads to the development of oral health problems.

In many instances, dental visits are avoided until a situation develops that is so severe that it pushes a parent to seek dental care for their child. While it may be challenging to convince your child that they need dental care when they are very scared of the dentist, it is possible.

The first step is helping your child with their anxiety. In this guide, you will learn a few techniques that will help you succeed in this endeavor.

Strategy #1: Select a Dentist That Has Experience with Children

The first step is helping your child with their dental anxiety is to select a dentist that has direct experience working with children. It is not necessary to opt only for a pediatric dentist; rather, focus on choosing a dental professional that is properly educated and experienced to handle the fears, concerns, and nervousness that children often exhibit.

This means opting for a professional that has appropriate bedside manners, make adjustments based on the individual needs and ages of their patients, and are familiar with kid-friendly methods of appeal – such as the use of sunglasses, stickers, and other small steps that will reward a child for completing appointments.

Strategy #2: Avoid Putting Dental Professionals in a Negative Light

When talking about or to dental professionals, you should avoid negative talk that could frighten a child. Examples include mentioning “pain”, “discomfort”, “shot”, and words that are similar in nature.

You should not act fearful of the dentist in front of your child. You should place an emphasis on the positive aspects of the profession and the activities that will take place at the dentist office. For example, instead of talking at the dentist, let the professional handle it.

Before the appointment, simply let your child know that the dentist wants to “see their beautiful smile” or “see how strong the teeth have grown”. Instead of being anxious of the dentist, you will find that your child is excited to see the dentist and show off their gorgeous teeth!

Strategy #3: Opt for a Meet and Greet

In most instances, children develop good, solid relationships with their doctor and other professionals on their health team. This is possible when it comes to the dentist, too.

To help them overcome their dental anxiety, call ahead of your child’s appointment, explain the issue to the office, and request to schedule a “meet and greet”. This will give your child a chance to see and talk to the professional who will be handling their oral health care needs.

By spending time with the dentist, they will grow more comfortable with them and their anxiety will quickly disappear.


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We offer many different services that will help your child’s smile be as healthy and beautiful as possible. If your child has dental anxiety, we will work closely with them to ensure that they have the highest level of comfort.

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