How to Properly Care for Your Dental Implants

Properly Caring For Dental Implants

If you are reading this, it is quite likely that you have recently had dental implants placed within your mouth. Perhaps you had missing teeth or you had dentures that required stabilization in order to enhance their overall functionality or to improve your comfort level.

Regardless, now you are in search of methods that will allow you to properly care for the dental implants. In this guide, you will be presented with a few steps that will keep your dental implants strong, intact, and result in their overall success.


The first – and perhaps the most important – step in properly caring for your implants is to ensure that you thoroughly clean them. This should be done two to three times each day, using a toothbrush that has soft bristles.

You should use non-abrasive toothpaste – meaning, it should not include a lot of harsh chemicals or whitening properties. Next, you should brush the implants like you would your teeth.

However, you should take the additional step of brushing underneath and completely around the crown of the implant. For hard places to reach, utilize an interdental brush.

If you have overdentures, you should make sure that you take out the dentures each day and place them in the proper cleaning solution.

When the dentures are removed, carefully inspect to ensure that all of the parts and pieces are in place. If you observe an issue, contact your dentist immediately.

The under section of the dental device should be thoroughly cleansed with a denture brush. Before sticking the dentures back into your mouth, it is essential that you completely rinse them with clean, purified water.

Not only is this step necessary to keep the dental appliance intact, it is important to your health.

Professional Care

One of the most important aspects to caring for your dental implants is to ensure that you receive professional cleanings.

Despite having new implants, bacteria and other harmful substances will still enter into the mouth. These could result in the development of infection and disease within the soft tissues that surround your dental implants.

If these situations arise, your implants could completely fail. This is why you should see a dental practitioner on a regular basis. They have the tools and equipment that will clean the implants and keep your mouth healthy without damaging your new dental device.

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