Knowledge is Power…

Knowledge Is Power

Something we’ve all heard before, right?  When it comes to health or dental care, nothing could be more true!

Your First Step

Being aware of the status of your oral health is the first step in this knowledge. We cannot change what we don’t know is happening.

The information out there to be found on the internet, magazines, etc. can be a bit overwhelming. What can you believe?

People in search of dental care need a reliable advocate to help them sort through what they hear or read. They need an expert in the field, a health care professional, to help guide, inform, and direct them in their decision process and treatment.

The first step in finding a reliable advocate is to locate a dental specialist in the area you are seeking care in. If you are searching for a cosmetic dentist, ask your friends who have had cosmetic dentistry.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask

If you are in need of dental implants, find a periodontist or an oral surgeon who specializes and has had extensive training in dental implants.  Don’t be afraid to ask the important questions such as: “How many implants have you placed?” or “What is your success rate?”.

Someone who is an expert in their field, should be willing to answer these or other questions openly and honestly. They may even volunteer the information without you having to ask.

Nothing Replaces How People Make You Feel

A good website should tell you a lot about the dental professional and their practice. Remember though, that NOTHING replaces the way people make you feel.

Dentistry is a very personal experience.  If your experience doesn’t feel right to you, find somewhere or someone that does.

You are the person that should care most about your oral health; however, the right dental office should be a very close second!

Give yourself the power of knowledge!

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