Laser Periodontal Therapy: The PERFECT Alternative for Conventional Treatment of Periodontitis

Laser periodontal therapy is now considered to be a great alternative treatment for those that choose to bypass conventional surgery for the treatment of periodontitis. This specially-administered therapy has been approved by the Federal Drug Administration and is quickly gaining an immense amount of popularity among both patients and periodontists.

The initiation of laser therapy actually started approximately five decades ago when conclusive evidence established that wounds were capable of healing at much faster rates when lasers with low-intensity power were utilized. As time progressed, it was determined that high-intensity lasers were safe to use and offered a higher level of productivity and effectiveness – especially in terms of periodontal therapy.

Our laser periodontal therapies utilize both low-intensity and high-intensity dental tools due to the fact that these devices have been deemed appropriate in the biomodification of roots, reducing the dentin-based hypersensitivity experienced by patients, optimizing the process of tissue repair when it comes to regenerative processes, and reducing the amount of discomfort experience by patients.

Innovative Technology Results in Optimal Care

Our laser periodontal therapy utilizes innovative technology, which results in optimal care. The dental instrument that makes this form of therapy possible is the PerioLase MVP-7. This carefully crafted, multi-use tool is designed to specifically address and treat patients suffering from periodontal disease.

It utilizes the Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP) to succeed in this endeavor. According to dental professionals, this is a MAJOR breakthrough in the treatment for periodontal disease.

One of the main advantages to this technologically-advanced treatment is that it – most often – completely eliminates the need for a patient to undergo the conventional-based dental blade and the less-than-favorable option of suture surgery. Long gone are the days where periodontal professionals must cut away unhealthy tissue; laser periodontal therapy now allows us to regenerate unhealthy soft tissue and bone.

The Objective of The Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure

The main objective of the Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP) is to encourage the reduction of pockets. This is made possible by the development of a new attachment consisting of connective tissue that makes contact with a tooth on a coronal level.

Despite the fact that periodontal disease results in the disease of root surfaces, this treatment allows new bone, new cementum, and new periodontal ligament to form on those same root systems by the easy elimination of the present disease. This laser treatment is considered to be an ideal choice among dental professionals and their patients because it is considered to be minimally invasive.

And despite its overall effectiveness, very few periodontists have gained access to this new highly advanced system; however, we here at Dental Implants & Periodontics of Kansas not only have access to the innovative system, we are highly trained on its utilization.

Patient Benefits

Numerous benefits abound for patients that elect to have laser periodontal therapy performed. The following outlines these many advantages:

  • The laser therapy device is highly precise; therefore, making the procedure quicker and the results perfected.
  • The laser instrument allows a deeper level of penetration into the soft tissues of the mouth. As a result, bacteria are quickly killed and eliminated past the tip of the device and well into the dentin-based tubules.
  • The light emitted from the laser allows for the endotoxins present within the soft tissues of the mouth and the root systems to be completely neutralized.
  • Patients experience much less pain, inflammation, and swelling. In fact, the device utilized in the laser periodontal therapy actually targets all sources of pain and inflammation.
  • Patients experience far less bouts of sensitivity when receiving and after receiving this specialized therapy.
  • Post-operative infections are no longer a common occurrence.
  • The therapy results in the biostimulation of the cells located in the periodontal ligament. As a result, regeneration is quickly and safely encouraged.
  • Calculus is softened so that it becomes exceptionally easy to remove.
  • Patients find that they experience fewer bouts with recession when they have the laser therapy performed.
  • Prostaglandins are reduced during the procedure, which results in less pain and discomfort.
  • Patients experience fewer bouts of stress with laser therapy because it is non-invasive.
  • The healing time for a patient is drastically reduced so that they are able to recover quickly and easily.

We Are Ready to Assist You

Do you suffer from periodontal disease? Are you tired of the embarrassment associated with the presence of disease in your mouth? Would you like to overcome the pain, sensitivity, and general discomfort that are all caused by periodontal disease?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then laser periodontal therapy is for you! Marq J. Sams, D.M.D and our dedicated staff of periodontal professionals are standing by to tend to your unique needs. Simply call us today to set up a consultation and experience the difference that laser periodontal therapy can make: 316-683-2525

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