Serious Health Problems That Can Stem from Poor Oral Health

We all want a friendly, white, and bright smile. Having perfect teeth and gorgeous gums makes this goal easier to accomplish; however, the overall effect and impact of your oral health far exceeds the appearance of your smile. Optimal oral hygiene has been proven to assist in preventing serious health issues.

Due to the fact that the mouth is the primary point of entry of the body, it has been determined that poor oral health can result in many unfavorable health-related consequences for the rest of the body. In this short guide, you will be introduced to a few of the serious health problems that can stem from poor oral health.

Infections of the Respiratory System

Bacteria is always present within the mouth. If teeth are infected, there are lacerations within the mouth, or the gums are swollen, the bacteria within the mouth is present in larger numbers.

This can result in the bacteria entering into the bloodstream and/or being breathed into the airways. As a result, infections of the respiratory system may develop. These may include the development of bronchitis, pneumonia, and other lung issues.

Cardiovascular Disease

The next serious health issue that may develop as a result of poor oral health is cardiovascular disease. If you have poor oral health, you are likely to develop periodontal disease. The bacteria involved in this illness may then travel to the bloodstream and become hard. If the arteries become blocked with hardened bacteria and/or plaque, it could detrimentally impact the flow of blood through the body.

This, in turn, could lead to high blood pressure, the onset of a heart attack, or even experiencing a stroke. In many cases, the development of endocarditis may occur – which is the presence of infection around the lining of the heart.


If gum disease occurs within the mouth, it could significantly impact the blood sugar levels of the body. When this happens, it is much more likely for diabetes to develop.

If you suffer from poor oral health and have been diagnosed with gum disease, the blood sugar levels must be consistently monitored and the A1C checked often to ensure that diabetes has not developed. By ensuring optimal oral health, you can prevent the development of this condition.


Numerous studies have linked poor oral health with numerous brain complications. The chemicals that are released from gums that have infection in them have the potential to completely kill off cells in the brain.

When brain cells are destroyed, memory loss and other types of cognitive decline may occur. When bacteria from gum disease and other infections enter into the bloodstream or negatively impact the nerve channels of the brain, certain conditions -such as dementia – may then develop. Alzheimer’s disease is the most commonly diagnosed form of dementia and vascular dementia ranks in as the second most commonly diagnosed.


Many studies have been done that have concluded that diseases of the mouth may have a detrimental impact on a female’s ability to conceive. Women that have optimal oral health are able to conceive more easily and sustain healthy pregnancies much better than women who are found to have poor oral health.

Erectile Dysfunction

The next serious health problem that may stem from poor oral health is erectile dysfunction. The one oral health disease that seems to have the highest impact on a man’s ability to maintain an erection is chronic periodontal disease.

The inflammation that this causes within the blood vessels of the man’s body can block the general flow of blood to the genital area. As a result, it may become extremely difficult or even impossible for an erection to develop. If a man is unable to achieve an erection, issues with conception and later issues with infertility may become an issue.

The Risks

There are many risks associated with poor dental health. While it is true that most of us want a healthy, beautiful smile, it is also important that we have good overall health, too. At Implant & Perio Centers of Kansas, we specialize in ensuring that each patient has the best oral health possible. In taking this step, our patients have the best overall health, too.

We offer many different services and procedures that are designed to modify the appearance and functionality of the mouth while ensuring that the health is improved. If you would like to get started on creating a healthy mouth so that you have a healthy body, simply click on the following link today to get started:

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