The Worst Halloween Candy for Your Kids’ Teeth

Kids Reaching For Halloween Candy

Halloween is a spectacular and highly enjoyable holiday, boasting of tales of ghosts, fear of goblins, and anticipation of goodies.

Unfortunately, the truly scariest aspect of the celebrations that abound as Halloween draws near is the fact that the sugar contained in the treats that will be passed about have the capability of playing a wide assortment of tricks on the teeth – especially the teeth of children.

While all forms of candy can result in dental complications, the worst ones are those that remain in contact with the inner components of the mouth for long periods of time, constantly exposing the teeth and gums with sugar and providing a food source for the bacteria that result in the development of cavities.

Sour Patch Kids

While most kids enjoy the concept, flavor, and texture of Sour Patch Kids candies, these are highly toxic for dental health.

The sugars utilized in the candy create an acid-based byproduct. This acid is known for detrimentally impacting the enamel of the teeth.

Additionally, the environment created by the acid results in the rapid development of an environment that is considered to be dangerous to both the teeth and the gums.

Essentially, the combination of the sugars and the acid have an extremely negative impact on the dental health of a child.

Tootsie Pops

The appeal of chocolate that is wrapped tightly inside of a sweet, hard candy makes Tootsie Pops one of the most appealing and traditional candies of Halloween.

Unfortunately, this candy results in many complications. The outside layer of hard candy contains a high sugar content and can result in many tooth problems.

Examples include chipping away the protective layer of enamel and even complete tooth breakage. It also remains on the teeth for longer amounts of time.

Furthermore, while the chocolate will aid in rinsing the teeth, it also contains a large amount of sugar. It is best to simply forego Tootsie Pops – if possible.

Sugar Daddy Candies

While Sugar Daddy candies are also a long-time Halloween favorite, they can cause a lot of problems with the teeth. The caramel contains an immense amount of sugar.

Additionally, because the candy is sticky, it will stay on the surfaces of the teeth for a long amount of time. This increases the risk of tooth decay.

If a child has a filling, the candy could actually pull out the filling because it is so sticky and hard. If you want to avoid dental health problems, eliminate the Sugar Daddy candies from your child’s pumpkin this Halloween.

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