Ultrasonic Dental Cleaning

Throughout history, professional dental cleanings initiated with a comprehensive dental examination and concluded with the time-consuming activity of your dentist scraping the tooth with specially-designed tools. This process is known as “scaling and root planning”.

While typically not the most exciting of all dental activities, it is a necessary activity that helps in eliminating debris on the teeth and under the gums that a standard toothbrush cannot reach. In today’s world of technological advancements, now there is an easier method to succeed in this endeavor.

It is called “ultrasonic dental cleaning”. It can remove natural debris – such as tartar – without the use of metal scraping tools.

How Is It Done?

If your dentist performs an ultrasonic dental cleaning, they will use a specially-designed instrument called an “ultrasonic scaler” to clean the teeth. It works by distributing ultrasonic-based vibrations along the teeth and throughout the mouth so that the dental tartar is quickly and easily removed.

The sound waves emitted from the scaler assist in breaking apart calculus that is present on the teeth. Then, water is emitted from the tip of the scaler. This helps to cool the scaler device and also aids in washing away all of the natural debris that is being moved off and away from the teeth.

Who Benefits Most?

There are certain people that will benefit from ultrasonic dental cleaning more than others. If you have a lot of dental tartar on your teeth, this option will be ideal for your needs. Over time, this tartar has the capability of forming very hard deposits of calculus. In turn, it will eventually result in the development of tooth decay.

If you have periodontal disease, you will also benefit from ultrasonic dental cleanings. Plaque has the tendency to slide underneath the gums. It then can form pockets of the dangerous calculus that will attack bone tissue and gum tissue. This advanced into gum disease and may eventually result in the loss of your teeth.

The Benefits

There are several benefits associated with the use of ultrasonic dental cleaning. The following outlines these advantages:

  1. The state-of-the-art equipment utilized in ultrasonic cleaning helps to remove dental calculus quickly so that scaling and root planning does not take long.
  2. This type of cleaning helps to reduce the progression of gum disease within the mouth.
  3. This is a very comfortable means of removing debris from the teeth and often does not result in the need of sedation dentistry or the use of local anesthesia.
  4. Ultrasonic dental cleaning is such a strong method of cleansing the teeth that it actually has the capability of eliminating embarrassing stains.

Ultrasonic dental cleaning is generally safe for everyone; however, it may prove harmful to those that wear a pacemaker. If you have any concerns about the safety of the procedure, contact your medical doctor for clearance.

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