Dentures That Don’t Fit Right Could Lead to Many Problems

Problems Caused By Bad Dentures

Here at Implant & Perio Centers in Wichita, we strive to ensure that all tooth replacement treatments are affordable, comfortable, and effective. If our patients have missing teeth, we recommend dentures.

These dental devices not only offer a patient full functionality of their mouth, they also enhance the beauty of the smile; therefore, increasing a person’s confidence level.

The highest level of effectiveness when it comes to dentures is only made possible through properly-fitted dentures. We have worked with many patients from other dental practices with poor-fitting dentures.

This occurs as a result of improper crafting, not properly customizing the dental device to the patient’s mouth, or as a result of naturally changing contours.

If your dentures do not fit properly, it is essential that you read this article to learn the detrimental effects of such a problem.

Signs Your Dentures Are Not Fitting Right

If your dentures are not fitting in your mouth right, you can feel the looseness. It may also feel as if they are pushing into your gum tissue. As time progresses, irritation, inflammation, and pain may be experienced.

You will also discover that it becomes harder to secure your dentures into the mouth. As a result, when you talk, drink, or eat, they may move around on you. If left untreated, many serious problems may occur. Continue reading to learn about these issues.

The Problems

The problems that you experience from ill-fitting dentures will depend upon how long you have worn them, how long they have not fit right, if you suffer from any other health problems, and just how severe the poor fit is.

Below, you will find information on the issues that may arise:

  1. Your speech may become impeded and you may find that you have problems with pronunciation, a lisp, or pain when talking.
  2. Biting and chewing may become very hard because of the discomfort, ill fit, and/or the pain. As a result, you may find that eating is very difficult for you. As a result, you do not get the nutrients that your body needs to sustain itself.
  3. When the dentures rub against the gum tissue, that tissue will experience irritation. It will ache, become swollen, and you may even develop painful blisters in various areas of the mouth.
  4. When tissue in the oral cavity is exposed, it may be invaded by bacteria or fungi. As a result, you may develop potentially serious infections, such as thrush. If this happens, you will find that it becomes difficult to swallow and it could impact your overall health.
  5. Yeast may start to grow in abundance within the mouth. As a result, you may develop cheilitis and even stomatitis. Essentially, these are a combination of inflammation around the corners of your mouth and redness and/or bumps on the roof of the mouth – all of which can be very uncomfortable and lead to other health complications.

If your dentures are not fitting properly, it is likely that you are in need of bone grafting in Wichita. We can help with that! The bone grafting process helps to replace bone tissue in and around the mouth that has deteriorated.

The process is helpful in encouraging the regrowth of bone within the oral cavity so that you may receive properly fitting dentures.

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