Ridge Modification a Productive Treatment for Individuals Suffering from Jaw Deformities That Require Dental Implants

According to dentistry specialists, deformities within the jaw are a common occurrence. These may range from mild issues to severe complications, such as those that are associated with severe birth defects.Jaw Deformity

Depending on the issue that you are experiencing, you may experience issues with speaking, breathing, chewing, and swallowing. Due to these complications, many choose to have dental implants placed within the mouth.

However, the complication of a jaw deformity may make it difficult for the placement of implants. If this is the case, the process of ridge modification may be performed. Continue reading to learn more.

What is Ridge Modification?

Ridge modification is a dental process that is performed for the purpose and intent of enhancing the already-present bone tissue in and around the mouth. It is sometimes referred to as “ridge augmentation”.

In most cases, the professional that performs this procedure is placing a special emphasis on the jaw. That is, they are taking steps to ensure the overall uniformity of the jaw and to optimize the overall density of the jaw.

It is a type of grafting procedure that helps to successfully recreate the natural-based contour of the jawbone and the gums after either tooth loss or the loss of bone in the area has occurred.

How Is Ridge Modification Done?

When this procedure is performed, the dental professional will carefully place material appropriate for bone grafts into the socket of the tooth. Next, the tissue of the gum is placed over the tooth socket to protect the material.

It is then secured by the means of sutures. Some dental professionals will place a product that is designed to maintain space in the area immediately above the graft in order to successfully restore the original height and the width where the tooth once was.

This will help guide the growth of the new bone in the area. Once the socket where the graft was performed is completely healed up, the area known as the “alveolar ridge” is then properly prepared for the placement of the dental implant.

Common Problems Associated with Jaw Deformities

If you have a jaw deformity, it is in your best interest to have dental implants placed in the area. These deformities have the ability to affect the overall appearance of your face. Additionally, you may experience the following problems:

  1. You may develop either an overbite or an underbite. In most instances, these are caused by a malocclusion, but can be quickly resolved.
  2. Your smile may appear to be too “gummy”; that is, your upper jaw has actually grown so far down that when you smile, a large portion of gum tissue shows.
  3. If your jaw is too small, you may smile, but your teeth may not show.

Ridge Modification Makes Dental Implants Possible

Jaw DeformityIf you suffer from a jaw deformity, it is time to see out ridge modification in Wichita. Here, we offer you a multitude of high-quality services that will leave you with a beautiful, aesthetically-pleasing smile at the most competitive price. Call today for more information: 316-330-4050

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